Internet of Things

 IoT systems


Do you want to monitor processes, automate others, and ensure security and networking?
The answer is the Internet of Things.

IoT projects leverage connectivity between devices in the Cloud, allowing you to manage and update complex systems remotely.

They are projects aimed at any sector: industrial, commercial, housing, private, health, agricultural, etc.

Our IoT systems aim to continue operating even offline, to guarantee their functionality even in adverse situations. Scalability and security are among the fundamental requirements of our IoT projects.

The future is optimisation

Already widespread in logistics and production, IoT is also a technology destined to spread into home automation, construction, health, surveillance, security, and agriculture.


You want to improve your interaction with your customers in a new and complementary never-before-seen way.

You have a device that can provide you with data that may be interesting to you.

You want to improve your company efficiency by collecting data and statistics.

You want to optimise your production processes.

You want to explore new markets.


What are the main IoT classifications?

Referring to a 2017 Gartner® study

Sensing: IoT Endpoints

In the field of sensing, the main innovations concern sensors, devices, gateways and coupling with existing digital technologies. In this context, EDGE Computing is of particular interest: computers designed with particular safety and reliability features to be installed at the customer's home, near the place of use, to be more efficient and support use cases in real-time. Indeed, there are situations where Cloud and remote data centres are not suitable to offer efficient solutions.

Communicating: IoT Communication

In the field of "communicating", we are in the midst of a battle between standards and protocols with very diverse technologies and a very wide range of choices, both at the personal and local level, and on a geographical scale. In the field of management and definition of protocols and communication technologies, Restart38 has valuable experience, as well as proven skills (Bluetooth, protocol for smart TV, RFID, etc.).

Understanding: IoT Data and Analytics

In terms of "understanding", data and information from devices/tools are of interest and value, provided that companies know how to manage it: by varying the methods of analysis and integration with the devices (diversification depending on the device; real time; virtualisation), but also by adopting new data persistence models (Cloud and NoSQL databases).

Securing: IoT Security

With regard to "securing", the growing interest and spread of the IoT have led to increased vulnerability to attacks. Restart38 has proven experience with beacons, thermocouple probes, simple sensors, etc. Examples of safety risks include the following:

• discovery of company assets, with profiling and tracking of the same;
• violation of authentication;
• connectivity malfunction;
• software malfunction;
• visibility through monitoring, detection and response.

Acting: IoT Artificial Intelligence

The complexity, speed and distribution of IoT solutions and the data they generate can support traditional decision-making techniques, both manual and automated. Improvements in Artificial Intelligence in the form of new algorithms, the increase in computational power and discoveries in deep learning, will allow transformative IoT solutions such as machine learning, image recognition, and creation/processing of natural language. Again, on this front, Restart38 boasts rich experience, especially with regard to image recognition projects.

A macro process for managing IoT devices involves the following steps:

  • add_circle_outline Design.
  • add_circle_outline Installation (actual installation and registration of the device; commissioning; calibration; testing).
  • add_circle_outline Maintenance in operation (monitoring of status and network reachability; firmware updates and reconfigurations; battery replacement; checks, for example, on-site; physical maintenance; security management, for example, through certificate management; resets and reboots; polling; log data collection).
  • add_circle_outline Withdrawal.

Some Internet of Things projects carried out by Restart38 IT engineering firm

security, optimisation, administration

It is a complex system mainly to manage the detection of fuel supplies, designed for people who have private distribution pumps. Our project allows you to implement control hardware that can read the badges of authorised persons or identify a vehicle: if the identification is successful, the pump unlocks and transmits the identity of the person, the vehicle in use and the fuel amount required to the administrators.


WiFi x HiFi
home entertainment, industrial design

The customer is a manufacturer of high-definition audio speakers, produced with a refined design, which retrieve audio streams from multiple sources (web, ether, cable). The speakers for audio reproduction contained an Orange PI. Restart38 created a cash control app using the DLNA protocol, already in use on smart TVs.

industrial production, automation

The customer produces smart fluid valves with Bluetooth technology and a steam oven to regenerate frozen foods. We created a control app that reads the data from the transducers and allows you to open/close the valves. In particular, a Bluetooth server was placed on the hardware, and secure application protocols were created on a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) channel. It was inspired by protocols designed for serial access to devices or USB access.

security, access control, optimisation

We created an Android app for the creation of inventories relating to vehicles located in company yards. The application is used to track vehicles loaded on transporters. Tracking is carried out by an operator equipped with an industrial tablet, using the custom app created by our firm. The application changes the TAGS and compiles the master data associated with the transport. The TAGS used are very cheap; the application is very specific.

Work with us to evaluate the integration of IoT systems in your company

Restart38 IT engineering firm has experience in covering all these phases on different devices, both with regard to the integrated operating systems (Linux standard or custom on ad hoc circuits) and with regard to MCU or MPU (Raspberry, Arduino, custom systems), as well as with regard to the actual endpoints (various technology tokens, RFID, etc.). Would you like more information and to find out about our case studies? We are here for you.