Restart38 IT engineering firm

Our firm designs and develops programs and customised information systems of any kind, on any environment and platform. Computer science is our passion, and for more than 20 years, we have transformed this passion into a job by offering IT design, programming and consultancy services. We work for multinationals, SMEs and professional firms. We play the role of technical partner and IT consultant in multidisciplinary and technological research projects as well as developing software products dedicated to corporate security and the IoT world.

Since July 2023 the Information Security Management System of Restart38 - Studio di Ingegneria complies with the UNI CEI EN  ISO/IEC 27001:2017  for the design and development of information systems. More info

Restart38 Products


Customisable IoT solutions and software for companies.


We design and create at a multidisciplinary level

We are a diverse team, with complementary skills, which go beyond those of a traditional IT engineering firm. We go beyond software development: we create electronic boards, select hardware, and offer specialist 360° IT consultancy, from analysis to development. We like to experiment and research, to the point of expanding into augmented reality. We say yes to custom projects, which will be a compelling challenge for our team.

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Web Design

Website creation, from graphic concept to complete creation. Responsive websites for mobile devices. Creation of private areas for dynamic management of content, product catalogues and blog articles, all the way to online product stores.

single-page website

multi-page website

corporate website with catalogue

e-commerce website


Looking for a technical partner for your project?

Biology, psychology, tourism, medicine, communication, economics... whatever the realm of your project, we will be happy to meet you and assess the possibility of a fruitful collaboration as a technical partner, assisting you in the design of digital supports to make your idea a reality.

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Web Marketing

Strategic study to promote your business and your company online. From the creation of textual and graphic content to the management of social networks, all the way to the creation of promotional campaigns.

Landing page creations

E-mail marketing

Social campaigns
Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn

Social media management

AdWords and AdSense

SEO indexing
for website positioning


Design and development

The field of IT design and development is vast. We take care of all phases of the process: analysis, sourcing the necessary hardware, code creation, implementation and beta testing. We work on many and varied projects. Contact us to find out more details.

Security systems and
access control

Fire protection switchboards

Social platforms with marketplaces

Company management,
cost and revenue control

Control boards

Encryption of network communications

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Our apps are often part of very large projects. We create computer systems that aim to eliminate physical media in favour of Cloud systems, of which smartphones become an active part.

Our apps are therefore designed specifically to allow visitors and customers of companies or professional firms to enjoy services comfortably from their smartphones, simplifying processes from a smart perspective.

Game Apps

Entertainment, style and creativity. Game Apps set themselves apart from ordinary Apps for their purpose - fun - and for the type of structure and use.

We create Game Apps both from graphics provided by the clients and from textual documentation, since we also have graphic designers, illustrators, video makers and composers working at our firm.


Internet of Things

IoT projects leverage connectivity between devices in the Cloud, allowing you to manage and update complex systems remotely. They are projects aimed at any sector: industrial, commercial, housing, private, health, agricultural, etc. They can monitor processes, automate others and guarantee security and networking. Our IoT systems aim to continue operating even offline, to guarantee their functionality even in adverse situations. Scalability and security are among the fundamental requirements of our IoT projects.